Tuesday, February 14, 2006


In the fall people in Kaktovik go whaling. First for a few days the whalers wives get the food and equipment ready. Then right before the whalers go whaling all of them pray. Not only one boat goes out and whale but about seven whaling boats go out and hunt the whales. Once they get the whale the whalers must bring the whale back to Kaktovik. Bringing the whale back may take several hours. When the whale is brought back during school students get to go to the beach. At the beach when the whale has been brought people help pull the whale up on the shore. Of course we don't pull it in all the way so a loader dose the rest of the work. Once the whale is all the on the shore the kids run on to the whale. When kids get off the whale the loader gets water from the ocean and pores it on to the whale. Then the works get to work on cutting the whale (cutting the whale can take hour's on end). The workers bring the blubber and meat to the buchers. They then cut the blubber and meat into small pieces and boil it. After the blubber and meat is finished boiling we eat! Each day we do this until we catch three whales.
By: Danielle Sims


At 11:54 AM, Blogger bertha_ann said...

i think whale hunting would be fun and exciting. how big do the whales get? i have never saw a whale before and i dont know what they look like.


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